Will Laser Tattoo Removal Completely Erase the Black Ink?

I am 15 years and I got a tattoo just about a month ago. I am about to have it removed very soon. It is all in black ink. I was wondering if the laser tattoo removal will come out successful and make the tattoo completely disappear?

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Treatment of a tattoo with laser

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There is a very good chance that most, if not all the tattoo will disappear, but no physician can guarantee this for you. Please realize that most laser surgeons need ten or more monthly, or every six weeks, treatment sessions to fully eradicate the tattoo. Sometimes there is a slight smudge of dark color left but the tattoo is not recognizable and it could look like a bruise permanently.There is a chance of permanent lightening of the surrounding skin color and in some people, there is a chance of darkening of the skin’s pigment as a response to the laser. This could be temporary; but, depending where on the body the tattoo is located, such as the lower leg or ankle, it could take three years to diminish, and rarely it is permanent.

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