Laser Surgery for Neck to Tighten Skin?

Is it possible to have a laser neck surgery to tighten skin, as I have a bit of a double chin happening? I am 52 this year but have very good skin for my age. Thank you.

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Laser Surgery To Tighten Neck Skin

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Thank you for your question. Several important points:

  1. Laser Resurfacing should not be done on the neck. The depth of laser treatment to tighten neck skin will result in wound healing problems and scarring. Do not do it.
  2. Laser Assisted Liposuction using SlimLipo can help correct the double chin and provide some skin tightening-see link below.
  3. Non surgical skin tightening methods such as Thermage, LuxIR Deep, Titan and Ulthera achieve about 20% tightening but will have no effect on the deep fat that causes the double chin. These methods are not lasers.
  4. A neck lift or face and neck lift is usually the most effective method to tighten neck skin and remove a double chin.

See a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and who has all methods available.

Non-surgical double chin treatment options

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Thank you for your question.
If you are looking soley for a non-surgical solution, I am finding that the combination of Kybella or Coolsculpting Mini to reduce the sub mental fullness and an energy device to tighten the skin are among the best non-surgical combinations to help your neck concerns.
Kybella is an injection procedure that dissolves the fat an may require between 2-4 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. There is some swelling and bruising potential, with the greatest amount with the first treatment.
The Coolsculpting mini procedure cools the fatty tissue under the submental area and also reduces the fatty tissue under the chin.

As far as energy devices, I would recommend Ulthera if you are looking for something with no downtime, or Profound if you could tolerate some downtime. Ulthera is an ultrasound based energy that heats the underlying tissue and stimulates collagen in response. Profound is a radio frequency microneedling device that allows for the creation of Elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid and hence restores some of the lost elasticity in the neck. It has more visible downtime with the possibility of some swelling and bruising that diminishes in about a weeks time.

Surgical options are also very rewarding and include liposuction or neck lift. I would recommend visiting with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to help you discuss your options in more detail.

Smartlipo may help

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 While external lasers will not help to the degree that you are seeing, neck liposuction and Smartlipo MPX may be very helpful for you.  We have seen several remarkable results with Smartlipo of the neck which in other cases may have required a neck lift.  

Laser not good option for neck skin tightening.

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Hi!  Hard to tell what you need without knowing your exact anatomy, but laser is not the answer here.

You may need liposuction of the neck, or a neck lift.  As far as non invasive procedures, in New York we get significant improvement in good candidates with Thermage, but it has to be done just right.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Laser surgery not the best method to tighten neck skin.

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You have to be extremely careful about using laser on the neck to tighten the skin, Most ablative lasers depend on oil and sweat glands to heal the treated areas, The neck has very few of these and healing may be delayed with unfavorable scarring as a result.

Techniques such as Thermage claim to tighten skin using radiofrequency (not a laser) but this has mixed results and does not universally work, If you are completely agains surgery which is your best option to assure removal of loose skin, radiofrequency may be an option.

Liposuction may provide subtle correction of the double chin and you may want to also consider a chin implant as alternative procedures to enhance your cervical contours.

Various devices can be used to help tighten neck skin

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Various devices can be used to help tighten skin on the neck, especially Titan and Thermage. These may require a series of treatments to obtain the best results. If the skin is more than a little loose, a neck lift and/or neck liposuction would give better results.

William P. Coleman III, MD
Metairie Dermatologic Surgeon

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