Should I Get Laser Surgery or Excision Done for my Tattoo? (photo)

i have a medium sized tattoo on my back left shoulder and i would like to get it removed but im not sure which path to take. i have read up on both procedures and im hesitant on getting laser surgery because i am african american and i have read that it is harder to remove a tattoo with laser on someone who has dark skin. Also i have had my tattoo for probably two years but i am unsure about getting the excision surgery because im not sure if the back has enough skin for the procedure.

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Tattoo removal: laser or excision

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It looks as if your tattoo is primarily black ink. This ink is the most amenable to removal by laser. Excision is much more prone to less than pleasing scarring, will be necessarily large and almost certainly lead to hypertrophic or keloidal scarring. This is skin color-independent. Laser is much preferable, and with the newest technique, called R20 removal, is done in significantly less time than previously obtained.

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