Can Lasers Cause Damage to DNA?

I am very concerned about the fractional lasers. I have heard that any laser can cause DNA damage. Have you heard anything about this? What are the risks of Sciton BBL treatments? How about laser genesis? Thank you.

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Lasers do not produce ionizing radiation that damages DNA

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Your concern about laser DNA damage has been discussed and argued since medical lasers were first used in the early 1980"s.

We know that X-ray and other forms of nuclear radiation emit ionizing radiation which can damage intracellular DNA and cause metaplastic or neoplastic changes which can cause cancer.

Lasers and light wavelengths are not ionizing forms of radiation. They kill cells that we want to remove, but there is no evidence that laser radiation (to my knowledge) causes neoplastic chnages in irradiated tissues.

This has been discussed many many times in the past 20 plus years and the consensus of most experts is taht lasers are safe.

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