Can I Have Laser Suction I`m 5ft 6" and I Weigh 16st 7lb I Dont Smoke? (photo)

i carry most of my body fat around my tummy and hips my arms and legs are quite slim i am 42g cup i dont smoke and i dont have high blood presure .. Ive yoyo dieted since i was 10. i used to be able to lose weight but now it wont shift can you please help Valerie.

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Laser liposuction after yoyo dieting

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Usually with yoyo dieting there is significant stretching of the skin.  Although laser liposuction has the advantage of producing a greater tightening than I have been able to achieve with other types of liposuction, there is a limit to what can be accomplished.  Your first priority should be a structured weigh loss program that integrates exercise and proper nutritional management.  This will over time produce a significant benefit and bring your weight into a realistic range that can be maintained over the long term.  At that point body contour surgery can be of real benefit, but it will most likely involve removal of loose skin.  Best of luck

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