Laser Stimulated Hair Growth on Chin/jaw/neck Instead of Removal. What to Do Next?

After 8 sessions with a diode laser in 2005, it seems hair growth is stimulated on my chin/jaw/neck area. Upper lip and other area's of my body responded better. Can this now only be solved by electrolysis? Or can I try laser/IPL again?

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Laser Hair Removal Stimulated Growth?

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Hi JUUT.  In some cases, low (power) level laser hair removal treatments have been shown to stimulate hair growth.  But, if the treatments worked in one area of the body, it is unlikely that this is what happened.  Hair growth is typically stimulated if using a Yag laser or an IPL, rather than a Diode laser.

Females undergo many hormonal changes throughout their lifetime and when these changes happen, hair growth on the face can increase.  So, while it may seem that the hair got worse after treatment, it is just as likely or more likely that (8 years later) that the hair growth is related to changes you are undergoing.  

This means that hair that at one time was fine and colorless (thus not good for laser hair removal) is becoming darker and coarser.  This is very common for the face area, whereas other areas of the female body do not have this same predisposition for developing darker hair.

We would recommend going back to the Diode laser with an experienced practice.  As long as your hair is coarse and dark, the practice should be able to remove 75% - 95% in 6 treatments.  Good luck.

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