Is It Possible the Nerve Damage was Done While Using Laser on Spider Veins Above Upper Lip?

I have suffered nerve pain in face since having this treatment done to the area between upper lip towards nose. When my lip was done, the shock penetrated to the brain, my nerve must have been hit. When the surgeon did my nose, it was not painful at all. Will the nerve settle down again? Or is the nerve damage permanent?

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Permanent nerve damage not likely from spider vein treatment

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It is not likely that you suffered permanent local or central nerve damage from spider vein treatment with laser. It is possible that you had a herpetic lesion or other inflamed area that made it prone for you to have extra sensitivity or pain. It should resolve on its own. 

Post Laser Treatment and Nerve Damage?

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Thank you for your question. There may be some localized inflammation where the vein was treated, and a nerve close was heated as well.  I think if would be safe to say your brain is safe as is your face.  There can be pain impulses radiated to other areas, even though there is no trauma in the other areas. I hope this helps.

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