Laser Smart Lipo Side Effects- Burning Sensation 1 Month Post Op.

I had laser smart lipo almost a month ago. I am still having a BURNING sensation all over my core area. I feel like my skin is raw and it hurts. I am told NOW that it is nerves healing, and it may last up to 3 months. What happened to a 2-3 day turn around. I am scared I have been burned internally and I cannot get any answers. Please advise.

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Burning sensation after Smart lipo

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There are many new and different ways to remove fat by liposuction, such as laser, radio wave, ultrasound, etc. The bottom line is that regardless of whether you melt the fat first with some sort of wave, the fat must be removed by liposuction. Adding heat from a source like a laser theoretically may tighten the skin a little more, but as expected, you have a new set of possible complications, namely burns of the skin, nerves or both. The effort seems to be to tighten the skin, and this can be done with traditional liposuction by removing the fat adjacent to the skin. Possibly the various heat sources may contract the skin more, but you may have to deal with the extra risks associated with such procedures. The continued burning sensation may be from such a burn and nerve damage. I expect this will subside with time.

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