Does a CO2 Laser Treatment Eventually Weaken the Skin?

my friend had a co2 laser peel many years ago and her skin is so wrinkled now, initially it looked fantastic, but five years later and her whole skin appears comprimised with wrinkles everywhere, why did this happen, i heard the older co2 lasers were not as good as the new ones.

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CO2 laser treatment

CO2 laser when properly performed without complications should result in thickening of the skin because of the new collagen tissue that gets deposited in the skin.

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Wrinkles five years after CO2 laser resurfacing

Your friend's situation is very uncommon. She would have to be seen in consultation to examine her and possibly learn of the energy settings used in the laser treatment.  Some people do not heal with as much dermal collagen as others and this could be an inherited situation or acquired and related to dietary factors too, such as vitamin C deficiency. Your friend should see the laser doctor who did the treatment and get an opinion from them.

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