Laser Skin Tightening. Should I Stop Tanning and Using Retin-A?

I will be having this procedure done on a monthly basis to encourage collegan and a healthier looking skin. I have used fillers and botox for over ten years and feel the need for an additioal treatment to look younger then my 50 years. I have used retin a as a night creme for several years . I have been told not to tan prior to the procedure and afterwards - should I stop using the retin a as well?I am fit and not overweight nor have I ever been.

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Avoid Tanning and Retin-A Before Laser Treatments

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I always recommend to my patients that they avoid the sun and stop using topical Retin-A for at least a few days prior to having laser treatments.  It is also very important to avoid the sun for several days to a week after the treatment.  Tanning is terrible for you skin long-term and significantly increases your risk of developing skin cancer. So I would encourage you to stop tanning all together.

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