3 Laser Sessions for Facial Hair Done, Could Not Continue Because I Became Pregnant,what Should I Do Now?

i have had 3 laser sessions for my facial hair...but now i became pregnant and discontinued it ...since i read in many sites that its harmful for the fetus.it's now 3-4 months since i did anymore sessions,but now my facial hair has grown back so black ad thick..i feel so embarrased..i dont know what to do now?..please advice me on this...should i consider laser or IPL after delivery?has all the effect of laser gone because i stopped it for a while?Awaiting response,Thank You

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When to resume LHR treatment with pregnancy

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Consider resuming your treatments AFTER pregnancy.

LASER hair removal is typically not performed on pregnancy since there is not enough information on its effects on either the mother or the baby. In addition, there is a surge of progesterone and other hormones during pregnancy which can lead to unwanted hair growth. Although probably not harmful, it is probably best practice to resume your LHR treatments after pregnancy.

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Laser Hair Removal and Pregnancy

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After the arrival of the baby you can begin your laser hair removal treatments again. With your pregnancy comes a lot of hormonal changes which may be the reason for the increase in hair growth on your face. Do not panic, your treatments after the baby will still work.

In the meantime, you can shave that area which will not break the growth cycle of the follicle and/or use a depilatory product such as Nair (please consult with your physician to see if depilatory products are safe with pregnancy). Your frustration is completely warranted but there are ways to help ease your embarrasment. Best of luck to you with laser hair removal but most importantly, warmest wishes to you and your new baby!

For more information regarding Laser Hair Removal, please visit the link below.

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Laser Hair Removal and Pregnant.

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After you have delivered your baby and if you choose to breastfeed you can get back into you laser hair removal series.  There is not much else you can do until then.  Your baby is priority number one.  Don't worry, after you get a few laser hair removal treatments done again you'll feel like a new women.  =0)

The good news is the darker and thicker the hair is the better, and faster your results will be.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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