Laser Scar Removal Close to Eyes. Risk of Damage?

Hi, I went for laser scar removal to a spa. She isn't a doctor. I have gotten those before from the same person. This time I had a acne scar between my eyebrows and on my nose. Usually she doesn't do close to eyes but she took off my laser protective glasses to do it there and told me its safe. I was scared and could not figure out how to react. She did it anyway. I am totally fine. But i m just worried after reading online that it should not be done. Is it possible that it damaged in anyway? :(

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Scar removal near the eyes

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  It pays to be careful.  And it probably pays to go to licensed physicians for your care, IMHO.  However, I think if you are fine, you will stay fine.  No need to worry.  Be happy and relax!

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