Can Laser Get Rid of Water Based Tattoo Ink?

im after getting laser treatment on a tattoo it is taking the colour off but not the dark blue the person doing the laser says it could be because the ink is water based could this be true aand if so is there any other way i could get rid of it?

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Dark Ink Tattoo Removal

Hi Matt.  While it is true that some types of ink are less responsive to laser treatment, water based tattoo ink should not be a problem to remove.  As mentioned above, dark ink tattoos respond beautifully to treatment with Q-switched Yag lasers.  A skilled practitioner will be able to determine the appropriate laser and settings for your particular skin type and tattoo color.

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Dark blue ink removed best by 1064 nm type laser

It sounds like maybe someone gave you an "off the cuff" suggestion as to why your dark blue ink has not responded to their laser treatment.

Once the ink is in the skin, it should not matter with what the ink was mixed.  The ink is deposited within the dermis. The key to removal is to have the right laser. For dark blue, a 1064 nm Yag laser should work the best. However, a ruby and an alexandrite laser might also work well unless the skin is dark complected.

The settings on the laser also need to be appropriate, i.e. as large a spot size as possible. I like to use a 5 or 6 millimeter spot size as the larger size will go to the proper depth.

The more powerful and most effective lasers are more expensive. With prices of equipment ranging from $15,000 to more than $200,000 you can understand that probably most places will offer a "cheaper" and less effective treatment.

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