Can Laser Rhinoplasty Reduce the Thickness of the Skin?

hello, i have read that laser rhinoplasty can reduce the thickness of the skin -is that true? can it deals with thick tips? how the skin doesn't grow back?

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For most people, there is no such thing as laser rhinoplasty.


This sounds like a marketing idea.  Laser can be useful for people with a skin disease of the nose called rhinophyma.

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Laser rhinoplasty largely a gimmick (with one exception)

"Laser rhinoplasty" is really more of a gimmicky marketing term. It's really just laser skin resurfacing and is thus suited to a very limited subset of skin problems like scars (which could simply be dermabraded) or wrinkles (although the nose doesn't get that wrinkly).

The only exception to this in terms of treating thick skin is for a skin disease known as rhinophyma. In that case, sebaceous gland hyperplasia (excessive growth of the oil glands of skin) causes a grossly distorted nasal tip. In that case, scalpel excision, dermabrasion and CO2 laser resurfacing are used to restore the nose to its pre-diseased shape. In my opinion, it can't really be used in any meaningful way to reshape a non-rhinophyma nose or thin a thick-skinned nose.

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Laser Rhinoplasty CANNOT Reduce the Thickness of the Skin

"Laser Rhinoplasty" is a gimmick (or as they say in Tel Aviv - chantarish...). In a Rhinoplasty the nose skin is peeled off the underlying cartilages and bones in the relatively poorly vascular area between them. ANY attempts at thinning the skin are likely to end up in depressions, irregular scarring and sometimes in ulceration. Aside from attracting gullible people (In Hebrew "Debilim") to have such surgery, it has NO value at all.  With so many great Plastic surgeons in Israel I would view anyone marketing Laser Rhinoplasty as ethically suspect at best and keep looking.

Al taase et zeh...

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