Is Laser Resurfacing, Fraxel or Matrix is Better?

I have 2 questions. 1. Is laser resurfacing, Fraxel or Matrix is better for wrinkles, pigmentation and age spots? I had a filler put in lower eye and I received a bad bruise that lasted a very long time and still looks dark as well. 2. This is for someone else. Can you do one of the above on a bald head, or do you have to treat that skin differently than the face. My boyfriend would like to have a treatment done on his head and his face. Thank you!

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Fraxel is superior to Matrix for resurfacing

Hi FHRDC-- I have had experience with both lasers and the Fraxel systems are far better than the matrix.  I have excellent examples of patients that I have treated with the Fraxel lasers under my profile.  The best way to figure out which doctor and which lasers might give you the best result is to look at a specific doctors before and after photos.  I often combine other lasers with Fraxel to get the best result possible.  There is not one laser that does it all the best.

The darkness under the eye could be a result of the filler being placed to superficially or it could be staining of the skin from the initial bruise.  The good news is that both are treatable.

Lastly, you can absolutely treat the top of your boyfriend's head. Practicing in San Diego, I come across this problem and perform lots of these types of treatments and these turn out great!  Hope this helps.                  Take care, Dr. Groff














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Fraxel for laser resurfacing is done on the scalp and face

Every patient must be evaluated individually but Fraxel Restore laser resurfacing, and Fraxel Dual, and Fraxel Clear and Brilliant, can be done on scalps and face. Just as we treat the whole face on men from non hair-bearing skin to bearded areas and see excellent results on both types, so can scalps of balding men be treated. Risks occur with all treatments so discuss this with your physician carefully.

I'm sorry I have no personal experience with the Matrix as I acquired the Fraxel laser knowing its good science and the excellent scientific developers and trusting it to be the safest and best technology for non-ablative laser resurfacing at the time it was developed. Since then several upgrades made the machine even better.

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