Long-term Effects of Staph Infection from Laser Resurfacing?

I am very frightened. I had laser resurfacing 6 days ago. I spent the night in the hospital last night because of a fever. The culture said I had a staph infection, and I have been put on lots of antibiotics. Yes, I am cleaning and soaking.

What could the long term damage be?

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Staph doesn't mean an infection...

I guess I'd have to have more information to tell you the effect...we all have staph epidermitis on our skin but its typically not pathogenic - meaning it doesn't cause us problems. A fever after surgery is more typically caused by atelectasis (collapse of the small airways in the lungs due to anesthesia) which should improve with deep breathes and coughing. My point is: a fever postop and a staph culture don't necessarily mean you'll have any problems with healing or "long term damage"...

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