Laser Resurfacing or Chemical Peel for Scars and Facial Lines?

I am a Caucasian 47 yr. old woman, with medium skin (can burn, then tan in sun- brunette). I was recently told I should have a medium peel to help with skin tone, minor scarring and lines. Another Doctor told me I could have a more aggressive laser treatment. They are both similar in down time. Any opinions? Do peels help with collagen rebuilding like lasers say they do? I've done Fraxel and the results were not worth it.

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Chemical Peel or laser?

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  I absolutely agree with the other doctor who replied.  Much more important than choosing chemical peel or laser, is the experience of the physician to whom you are entrusting your facial rejuvenation.  Talk with your doctor, listen closely to him, gauge his level of both experience and his empathy, look at before and after photos (but make sure they are HIS patients--not ones from the laser company stock photos).  If you want to see some very good results, feel free to check out the photo galleries on my website which show un-retouched photos of my patients.  Good luck!

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Lasers and chemical peels

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It is not the type of wand that is used, but how it is used. A chemical peel or laser skin treatment can do similar things. But, it really depends upon the technician employing these tools.

Steven Wallach, MD
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