Laser Resurfacing Left a Red Dent or a Red Atrophic Scar?

May i put aquaphor after laser resurfacing it has been about 3 weeks ; the scabs have all fallen but the scabs are reddish dents like newly atrophic scars? Is it okay to put aquaphor or how can i make the process of healing the spot where my scabs fell off? Thank-you.

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Possible scarring or crater from resurfacing

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If this has healed over, which is sounds like, Aquafor may not be the one to use.  There are a few topical products that can help settle down the early redness such as "Antirougeurs" from Avene.  Some light BBL/IPL may also help.  You may not be doomed with an atrophic scar.  I have often seen what looks like elevation adjacent to a depression, such as lip lines because the "shoulders" swell more than the valley.  This tends to improve; give it 3 months postop for final judgment that there is an atrophic scar.

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