Laser Resurfacing Treatment for Large Pores and Fine Lines?

I was wondering which laser resurfacing treatment is the best to remove fine lines and reduce pore size? I am 31 and the fine lines are under my eyes. The large pores are around and on my nose.

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Ablative Fractional CO2 Laser effective for fine lines

The advent of the newer generation of lasers has been a great benefit for patients with sun damage and fine lines, who the traditional CO2 laser would have been too much.  The newer lasers will improve the fine lines, and the down time is only a week.

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Non-ablative 1540 Erbium laser resurfacing is best for pore size reduction

Often abative laser resurfacing can make pores look larger. That is because aggressive ablative laser resurfacing planes down the skin and can often uncover a larger pore "neck" which is at a lower level.

The new non-ablative fractional 1540 Erbium laser is excellent at building new collagen in the deeper skin layers. This new collagen plumps the skin and compresses the neck of the pore, reducing pore size.

These same techniques are useful for fine lines.

Avoid flat beam CO2 laser resurfacing-it will make your pores larger.

Laser Resurfacing vs photorejuvenation

Laser resurfacing works very well for fine lines and undesirable brown spots. Most ablative devices will take care of your problem. The actual device is not as important as the experience of the doctor performing the treatment. Of course, each company feels their product is the best.

Large pores may be helped by laser resurfacing. However, the procedure called photorejuvenation has been shown to improve the size of pores when performed correctly. These results are shown through the Canfield camera system called VISIA which demonstrates the impact of such therapy. Depending on how much undesirable red and brown you have, photorejuvenation can also improve fine lines and the recovery is less than experienced with laser resurfacing. Thus, you may receive a 3 for 1 benefit with this type of treatment modality.

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