Laser Resurfacing for IPL Burns?

I had IPL done on June 11th on my face and now have burns on my cheeks and chin. I went back to the doctor and when he saw them he looked mortified.

He wants me to heal for another three weeks and then he wants to do "Laser resurfacing" on the burn marks. Is this worthwhile or should I go straight to a plastic surgeon instead? And, is laser resurfacing a normal solution for treating IPL burns?

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Hold off on doing more laser for now.

Thank you for your question.

I'm sorry to hear that you had an IPL burn. I would avoid doing any laser right now. You don't want to cause more inflammation that could possibly lead to more hyper or hypopigmentation. Instead, allow your burns to heal and re-evaluate your skin. If the burned areas are darker, you may want to try a good bleaching cream (Triluma or Hydroquinone 6-8%) and give it some time. In most cases, time will heal all burns and discoloration from IPL just nicely on its own.

Again, avoid IPL, laser resurfacing, or any other procedure for now. Sometimes the simplest way of doing things is the best way.

Hope this helps!

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