Laser Resurfacing from Damage Done by Chemical Peel?

Hi,I'm a 27 yr old Hispanic/Asian female that alway had beautiful skin for the exception of some acne/mild scaring. I had a bad reaction to the vitalize peel back in April. Now two months later, I have hyperpigmentation,LARGE pores,rough texture,and overall windblown/aged skin in such a short period of time.I think this is permanent damage to my sensitive skin that was once a milky complexion. I have an appointment with a respected NYC laser specialist soon, can anything be done to correct this?

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Laser after chemical peel

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I would exercise caution in having laser work done right away since the skin is healing from what was essentially a "chemical" surgery.  I dont know all the details of the case but some pigment changes in those with certain darker skin types may occur and last for a number of months after surgery.  In some situations, with time and a hydroquinine cream, this may fade.   In other situations if there was a severe depth of chemical surgery there could be permanent pigment issues.  I would advise you find out exactly the chemical peel that was used and the depth of peel and actually consult with the original practitioner to see this may be permanent or temporary pigment problem.  Be very cautious and getting laser surgery done in areas already been affected by chemical surgery. 

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Damage cause by a chemical peel

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Any chemical treatment to the face has the potential to cause damage.  You should go to an experienced physician when applying these chemicals.  In general Glycolic Acid peels are intra-epidermal peels and are unlikely to cause permanent scarring.  TCA peels must be applied appropriately and require pre-peel protocols to prevent problems.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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