Laser Resurfacing to Fix Damage?

Hello, 4 months ago I had Restylane injected under eyes. It was horrid so I have several rounds of hyaluronidase to dissolve it. I was left with a visible vein and a lifted fat pad. A month later I had more Restylane to camouflage the vein and pad. It has been about 6 weeks since reinjectin and I still look ugly. Should I just have the new Restylane dissolved an get Fraxel Repair to smoothe everything out? Please help! Thanks.

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Laser Resurfacing to Fix Damage?

Thank you for your question. Laser resurfacing  stimulates collagen, which helps with fine lines and some tightening of the skin.  Filler works on volumizing the area due to collagen depletion or volume loss.  For visible fat pad, surgical removal of the fat  will be the treatment of choice.  I would recommend being treated under the supervision of a Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon for safest and best treatment options. I hope this helps.

Bay Area Dermatologist
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Fraxel laser may or may not help recontour skin after filler injection irregularities

The Fraxel laser resurfacing helps with dermal not subcutaneous planes of involvement and most irregularities after fillers are in the junction between the dermis and subcutaneous layers.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Laser skin resurfacing for the lower eyelids

In my opinion, you should now allow the residual Restylane to dissolve over time.  In the meantime, it would be a great idea to improve your eyelid skin with fractional co2 laser skin resurfacing. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Laser Resurfacing to fix Restylane

Restylane injections can neither create nor camouflage a visible vein. Fraxel and restylane do not work the same way so one can not be used to "fix" the other. Fraxel may reduce the appearance of fine lines or help with skin discolorations whereas restylane adds volume. Seek the opinion of an experienced plastic surgeon to learn the best option. Good luck.

Daniel P. Markmann, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Laser for veins under eye

Sorry you had such a bad experience.  There are lasers to treat the vessels around your eye.  I have some excellent examples if you look under my photos.  Its hard to say if Fraxel repair would help or not.  There are case reports in the literature describing the use of this laser to help in similar situations.  A photo would be very helpful if you could send one.  Take care, Dr. Groff

William Groff, DO
San Diego Dermatologist
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Laser resurfacing to fix Restylane

No, you should not do this. If you are seeing an experienced physician injector and still don't like your Restylane, adding Fraxel into it is not going to be a good solution. If you haven't been seeing a physician injector for the Restylane, then I'd suggest you see someone for at least a consultation. Restylane isn't permanent, so over time, it will go away and things will settle down. If you start doing treatments to fix something that isn't permanent, you're going to start overcorrecting and creating new problems to fix in the future.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist
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