Laser resurfacing did not heal. What should we do? (photo)

My mom had some kind of laser resurfacing in July to erase a dark spot a size of a nickel. After the treatment, I think she applies scar reducing ointment hen follow up wit bleaching cream. Now, tht area is enlarged to two inch diameter, has scab that shreds, and itches. We have an appointment for her I'm a couple of weeks, but I am anxious for some professional opinion and hope to help my mom. She's stressed and anxious. See attached picture.

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Healing Complications

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It is very concerning that your Mother is having this kind of reaction >8 months post her initial treatment. It is very possible that she is having some kind of reaction to the scar ointment, and she should not be applying bleaching cream over anything that hasn’t healed. In some cases, even things like pet fur or fragranced products can cause localized infection. She should keep the area as clean as possible with a gentle cleanser, discontinue all products except a medical grade protective ointment such as EltaMD, and possibly go through with a course of an anti-viral or antibiotic, depending on the type of infection that is determined at your appointment.

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Laser resurfacing spot possibly infected

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I would also consider a small local infection, and apply antibiotic ointment (like Polysporin or generic equivalent) twice to three times a day for 4-5 days.

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Laser resurfacing not healing: what to do?

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From the photograph, the picture is most consistent with contact dermatitis due to an allergic reaction  to the antiscarring treatment or another cream that she using. I would stop all treatment other than a moisturizer.  A treatment with minimal chance for reaction such as A & D ointment used for diaper rash is what I have patients use after laser resurfacing. The skin is more sensitive, and can react to things like makeup that never caused the patient problems before.   However, to give a definitive answer, an in person consultation is important.

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