Determining the Laser Resurfacing Cost

Does the cost of Laser resurfacing for clearing acne scars depend on the size of the area being treated? For me, the area is just my nose and about one square inch on my cheeks. How much do you reckon that costs? Thanks!

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Laser Skin Resurfacing Fees

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The fees for laser skin resurfacing will depend on a number of factors including the type of laser needed to achieve maximum results. Schedule a consultation with a well trained Board Certified Surgeon in your area. Upon examination you will recieve a treatment plan and cost.

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Laser Resurfacing Cost

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Depending on the modality and the areas to be lasered, the cost will be $500 - $5000 per treatment. To get the least possible cost, choose an experienced physician laser expert who has the ability to offer you different laser options and different modalities depending on how you are responding to treatment and if there are any changes to your lifestyle.

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Small areas do not necessarily mean less cost.

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There are some fixed costs that need to be covered regardless of how small the area is. Those include the laser head (some heads cost up to $150 per head), the time you are in the room (setup time is the same for a full face than for a partial face), the laser rental if your doctor is renting the laser, and any products that may be included in your package.

Try not to focus on finding the cheapest deal, but focus on results. Asks to see photos, speak to satisfied patients; then make your choice. Best of luck.

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