Laser Resurfacing After Receiving Artefill?

I had Artefill injected into my marionette lines a month ago. When or would it be safe to undergo laser resurfacing?

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Laser Resurfacing After Artefill?

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Thank you for your question. We have patients wait 30 days for resurfacing, and then there should be no issues. I hope this helps.

Danville Plastic Surgeon
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Co2 laser resurfacing after artefill

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The co2 laser should not reach the level of your artefill. The only thing that could happen would be a inflammation that could get your artefill infected. But this would be really rare.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Laser resurfacing after Arefill

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There is not a right or wrong answer to your question, as different doctors may have different opinions about when it is safe to have laser resurfacing after Artefill or any other filler.  Although laser resurfacing only affects the outer layers of skin and the Artefill normally would be placed in deeper layers, I do have a concern about the possibility of the heat from the laser affecting the Artefill result.  Because of this, I generally recommend waiting at least two months after the Artefill before a laser resurfacing procedure.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Fractional lasers ate safe to use over fillers

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You can have a laser procedure done over fillers at any time. Lasers used for resurfacing do not penetrate deeply enough to affect fillers. 

Richard Fitzpatrick, MD (in memoriam)
San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon

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