Laser Removal on a half sleeve black tattoo? (photo)

I went to get a tattoo cover up done, but the artist left me with a terrible piece. This tattoo has given me anxiety and depression. I am now too embarrassed to wear short sleeves. Will enough laser removal sessions completely vanish this tattoo? Or did the artist shade it too dark for it to be any good? I just want this entirely gone... What are my options and what would it cost give or take?

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Not likely to be removed completely

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No matter what Q switched laser is used, it is not likely you will be able to loose the entire tattoo.  Also, it is so large that you will probably not be able to tolerate full arm treatments.  It would need to be done in segments.  Lightening this enough to be covered effectively will take a number of years and be very expensive.

Boston Facial Plastic Surgeon

Tattoo removal

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It can be treated but the area is too large to numb so the pain will be an issue. Laser tattoo removal hurts because any laser that can remove a tattoo is by definition very powerful. In my office we inject every patient with local anesthesia. You I couldn't inject because it would take so much local that you would get toxic. So unless you have a very high pain tolerance I would deem this untreatable.

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