Can Laser Be Used on People with Porphyria?

I have variegate porphyria which has resulted in dark pigmentation on my face and upper arms. The patches get remarkably darker before the onset of my period. Lightening creams haven't worked. Would laser be an option or would it damage the skin? many thanks, monica

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Laser for pigmentation in porphyria

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There may be some overlap in the affect the 532nm wavelength NdYag laser may have on the ultraviolet spectrum of porphyria which tends to be below the 400s. The 1062 nm Nd Yag laser may penetrate to deep for help in the pigment. You may benefit from improvement in color reduction by using a 1927nm Fraxel Dual laser. See an expert and have a test spot done first, in the most remote area of your pigmentation so that if there is a bad reaction to a small site treated, you wouldn't have subjected your entire face to this problem.  There is a risk that all lasers can induce a post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation though. Continued use of lightening cream may help through the laser treatment minimize this hyperpigmentation but there is a risk of acquired ochrnosis, a condition of pigment, usually a grey bluish color, from the hydroquinone with long term treatment.

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