The Candela Alexandrite Treatments Didn't Work, What Other Options Do I Have?

Can a doctor tell me what do i have to do now ? I went to 10 laser candela alexandrite treatments and i still have hairs on my is less than before but the hairs continue to grow. The settings useds by the doctor is 18 jouls, 3milisecond with a 18mm spot. it's bothered me. Do i have to go to another practician whith another type of laser and settings? ( i have white skin, dark hairs) thank you very much.

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Ineffective Laser Hair Removal Treatments

We use the GentleMAX laser by Candela which has many treatment options for most skin colors and has been quite effective for permanent hair reduction, especially in patients such as you with white skin and dark hair. I suggest contacting the Candela Corporation and voice your concerns, asking if a higher setting would be more effective (and safe) for you. If so, you should return to your physician's office and hopefully they will offer you some free treatments at this higher setting if appropriate.

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