Removing Pubic Hair without Laser - Options?

other than laser what's the best way for a man to remove all pubic hair including the penis &scrotum? also are epilators safe for that area ? if so do they make 1 for men for that area and what would you recommend i use for longer lasting results other than shaving?

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Hair removal in men

You could try electrolysis, if you don't want to have a laser used.  Creams aren't ideal for the genital area, as they can irritate.  Is there some reason you want to avoid a laser, which is safe in this area?

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Hair removal for men

Other than laser and electrolysis, both which take many treatments, depilatory creams can reduce hair growth but not permanently and can be very irritating and cause severe burns on the scrotal skin and should be avoided.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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