Should Laser Be Applied Before or After Fat Suction?

I am considering laser liposuction to remove some small, stubborn, areas (belly and "love handles"). I've seen a few doctors, and one insists that the laser be used AFTER suctioning, which confuses me, as everything I've read says that the laser is used BEFORE to break up the fat. Does this one doctor just have a different approach, or is he/she not the one for me?

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Laser energy is usually applied prior to suction

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In most instances the laser energy is applied before liposuction when referring to laser lipolysis.

However, this is the case when the laser is used to destroy the fat.

Your surgeon may be referring to a different process in which the laser energy is utilzed to help the skin contract in which case it may be applied to the surface or undersurface of the skin and have little if any effect on the fat.

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Laser Liposuction

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If you limit your search to a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, you will be assured of a very high percentage of getting a surgeon well experienced and trained in fat removed whether form laser and or a vaser, or even conventional aspiration.

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