Laser Liposuction for Bulky Arms?

My arms are bulky on the side, looks ugly when you wear no sleeves, can you make it straight like normal people with laser liposuction?

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Laser Liposuction

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This case needs the consultation of a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and a vaser and laser can do great things for the bulky arms if they are a viable candidate for the procedure.   The biggest risk will be flaccid skin if too much is removed.

Danville Plastic Surgeon
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Over reduction of large arms with liposuction may produce loose skin

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I am not so confident that laser lipo will adquately reduce your prominent arms without risking loose skin. If your arms are that full or bulky it is likely that you may be left with redundant skin.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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