Laser Liposuction or Body Jet Liposuction for Removing of Abdominal Fat? Still Undecided

Hello, I always wanted to get rid of the fat found in the region of my abdomen. So far I consulted 2 plastic surgeons. I have been offered 2 options by 2 different plastic surgeons Laser lipo and Body Jet Lipo. However, the surgeon who want to do surgical laser lipo is claiming $ 500 to carry out some medical tests to determine if I'm a suitable candidate. I'm young, 30 years old with no health problems. The other doctor only wants to do blood analysis, no fancy tests.

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Vaser Lipo Most Effective

Thank you for your question. Our preference is use of the Vaser for liposuction as the results are the most predictable, and consistent. If both Board Certified Plastic Surgeon are comfortable with their technology, the biggest factor is the Surgeon, and the technology second. Great results can come from different technologies. I hope this helps.

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Similar Results Predicted using Laser Liposuction, Body Jet Liposuction or Traditional Methods

Laser Liposuction and Body Jet Lipo Maybe More Hype than Benefit over Traditional Lipocustion
Benefits of Laser-Assisted Liposuction in my opinion are more theoretical than real.
The primary benefit of laser-assisted liposuction is that the recovery period has been touted as  less painful, and you may experience less swelling and bruising. I have not seen any difference. The theory is that because the laser used to disrupt the fat cells it causes less trauma to your tissues than mechanical removal—but the surgeon still does have to get under the skin and remove the fat. It generally takes me longer to use laser assisted liposuction and there is the danger of heat generation and a  burn complication.Body Jet Lipo using fluid injection at the time of liposuction is touted to be more gentle and require less discomfort. As most patients are done under anesthesia this hasn't proved to be beneficial in my practice.
Laser-assisted liposuction and Body Jet has not been demonstrated to produce better results than tumescent ("traditional") liposuction.
The #1 consideration—for both pain & swelling and your ultimate result—is your choice of surgeon. A skilled, experienced surgeon will give you the best surgical outcome with minimized pain and recovery time. I suggest looking up surgeons who are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery

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