Unsatisfactory Results from Laser Lipo

I had laser lipolysis on February 10, 2009. I was not expecting to have large hard nodules underneath my skin. Since the medspa has been unconcerned with the nodules, as according to them they will dissipate and breakdown with the Velashape I am more concerned with my belly.

I had a cheesy belly most all of my adult life and even with workout I was never able to lose it, no matter how diligent, my jelly belly would not go away. After laser lipo, just over 4 weeks ago, I don't see any difference in my upper belly AT ALL. Should I be expecting any more changes as I did pay for this area?

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Smartlipo complaint

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As for the hardness under your skin, it may be tissue that was treated but not aspirated or normal firmness from swelling or possible even small seromas. It is hard to tell without examining you. Like with any form of Liposuction the better results are usually obtained with thinner patients. Also, it is not so much the "wand" but the person holding the wand. Technique and experience are important in liposuction whether you have SmartLipo, vaser, pal, or traditional.

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