Would laser lipo be an okay option for me to shed a little weight along with exercise? 5'5", 170 lbs,

Hello, my name is Mina and I'll be getting married in May 2014. I'm 5'5" and weight 170lbs. I was wondering if laser lipo would be a okay option for me to shed a little extra pounds along with exercise. Or if there is something else that would suit be better. Thank you!

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Liposuction for weight loss

Often my patients ask me if they should try to lose weight or invest in smartliposuction. I think this is a very important question, and deserves a single discussion dedicated to the explanation of weight loss versus smartlipo, to help people understand the fat physiology of their bodies.
My unequivocal answer to the question of trying to lose weight is absolutely. Weight loss attempts should both precede liposuction, and in patients that decide to do both, continue after laser liposuction is performed. In a nutshell, smartlipo is a shape contouring procedure, not a weight loss procedure, even though fat is being removed.
Weight loss, when successful, is superior to laser liposuction for several reasons:
Weight loss has health benefits and contributes to your body' s overall well being. As we all know, weight loss helps your body function better and decreases the risks of many ailments (liposuction has no health benefits, just cosmetic benefits).
Weight control is important even if you decide to do liposuction. Liposuction can help contour a specific area of your body, but does not help you control or maintain your long term weight (more on that in the "does the fat come back" section below).
Successful long term weight control can result in more fat and more proportional shrinkage than liposuction alone.
That said, despite my strong belief that weight loss is extremely important and superior to the procedure I specialize in, liposuction can still play a significant role in body reshaping. When you lose weight, you cannot tell your body where you want the first 5 lbs to come off, and second five pounds to come off. Your body likes to store and release fat in a manner determined more by genetics rather than anything else. For instance, a person may find they don't like their outer thighs, and even after getting down to a very reasonable weight, that area may still be prominent. This is where liposuction can be of assistance. The second area where laser liposuction can be of assistance is in "kick-starting" a body reshaping regimen that will consist of laser lipo and a change in lifestyle. I find that the psychological boost obtained from reshaping the troublesome area can be translated into motivation to keep up the results with a lifestyle change.

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Hi Mina,

great question. we decided to start answering questions by video. I hope you find it informative! 

Laser Liposuction

Diet and exercise are always the best way to lose weight. Liposuction removes and therefore reduces fat, but is not for weight loss. Liposuction maybe an option for your if you have areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise.

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Laser lipo

weight loss is different from fat removal by liposuction,after lipo you will have a better form not weight loss

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Laser liposuction can remove fat but not cause weight loss

Thank you for your question.  Laser liposuction certainly can remove excess fat from beneath your skin.

However liposuction is not a method for weight loss.

Understand that fat inside your abdomen wrapped around your intestine which cannot be removed with liposuction is a major factor contributing to your weight.

Ideally you should use diet and exercise to lose as much weight as possible before having liposuction.  If you do you will have a much better result.

Laser Lipo

In general, laser lipo (SmartLipo), is a good option to reduce areas of fatty fullness.  You should be examined by a board certified plastic surgeon to see whether this procedure is appropriate for you. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage.

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