Laser Lipo 10 Days Ago, And There is a Lump From Wearing A Too Tight of Garment, and Wrinkles, Too?

I had surgery ten days ago (laser lipo). Wore a compression garment for one day but it was painful because it was so tight. I now am wearing one size bigger, however I noticed a lump which I was told to massage after i took off the extremely tight garment off. The tighter garment also when taken off gave me some dents in some places as well as wrinkles is this normal? I'm worried my stomach is going to look deformed. Suggestions?? The burning sensation has went down as well as the swelling.

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Post Laser Liposuction Lump

Thank you for your question. The temporary deformations go away, and the pressure will help to keep you from swelling too much. The skin deformity is a temporary condition. I hope this helps.

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