IPL Vs Other Lasers for Permanent Hair Removal?

I was told that IPL treatments work better than laser. I would like to receive more information and any suggestions.

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IPL is not better than laser for hair removal

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I would strongly disagree with what you were told (that IPL is better than laser for hair removal). IPL stands for "intense pulsed light". A laser is one wavelength of light, while IPL is a spectrum of wavelengths usually cut off at a specific wavelength with a filter. What does that mean to you as a patient? Probably nothing.

IPL and lasers both treat hair using the same principle of selective photothermolysis (where the light selects a certain target, in this case hair, and leave the surrounding skin unaffected). One could argue that IPL is less "selective" because there is more than one wavelength of light, and therefore more potential for collateral damage.

As someone who has both an IPL and several lasers, I only use the lasers for hair removal (I use the IPL for other things). I find that the lasers are more effective than IPL for hair removal (not the other way around).

Miami Dermatologist

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