Laser Hair Treatment for Facial Hair?

31 y.o female (type 4), Indian origin, no medical conditions. Never had a problem with facial hair- until to get hairless look, I started using depilatories in upper lip & chin, then shaving, plucking, eventually epilators (hair started growing thickly and quickly -stubble by evening). Areas in the upper lip & chin are hyperpigmented (type 5/6). At 1st laser session, technician used Lyra but with "type 6" settings. I now have blisters and treated skin is much darker. Is this normal? Should I go ahead?

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Laser hair removal for skin of color

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You should consult a dermatologist to assess why you suddenly have increased facial hair.  Do not continue with laser hair removal at this time since you do not want to develop more blisters and dark spots.  For the time-being, use sun protection and shave.  If you do not have a medical condition that is causing the hair growth, ask the dermatologist if a different laser may help or electrolysis.

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