Should I Discontinue Treatment After Laser Hair Treatment Allergic Reaction?

I recently had a laser hair removal treatment to my bikini & inner thigh area. The first treatment was great. The second treatment though I developed fiery red itchy blotches all over the treated areas. The nurse said I had an allergic reaction to the laser and had me take Benedryl & use hydrocortizone cream. It's been over a week and now the red blotches have darkened to a brownish pigmentation & still itchese I'm worried about continuing treatment. Is this normal?

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Reaction after hair removal

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You can't be allergic to a laser. You can develop urticaria (hives) from different sorts of trauma. It is also possible that you were treated too aggressively.   You need to see a physician to diagnose what happened before you continue. You should see a dermatologist, preferably one with a lot of experience with lasers. 

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