Facial Hair Removal on Indian Skin- Not Working. Which Laser is Best?

 I Had Laser Hair Removal Several Years Ago with a Lyra Laser- Hair Grew Back. I Now Had a Treatment with Gentleyag 3 Days ago.I am East Indian with not sure-type 4/5 skin.Hairs fell off during treatment but i now have red bumps and what feels and looks like stubble/scabs.Doctor says this is normal and are burnt hairs which will fall out. I am very nervous as this is on my face- is this normal? will black dots/scabs ,like stubble really go away?how long does it take?setting on gentleyag were 24j 30ms.is one yag better than another for hair removal?i went another place for consult and they recommended Cynosure yag?

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Redness after laser hair removal

I think the YAG laser was a good choice for your laser hair removal. From your pictures, I see mild to moderate redness in a nonspecific pattern, perhaps with some prominence around the hair follicles. This usually indicates a good response to the laser. However, to minimize side effects, crusting and pigment changes, you may use a mild cortisone cream preparation twice daily for one week, and observe strict sun avoidance when possible, and sun protection with zinc oxide sunblocks when outside.

Miami Dermatologic Surgeon
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Reponses to laser

I particularly like the Lyra laser for type 5 and 6 skin. Obviously The dosage and other settings used will in many ways affect your results. From the picture it is difficult to see too much. however small papillated red bumps after laser surgery is usually quite helpful. Usually medical scabbing is not helpful.The Apogee laser at a longer pulsewidth Like 40 milliseconds might also be a good option for you if you don't do well with the Lyra Laser.

Joshua L. Fox, MD
Long Island Dermatologic Surgeon
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