Options for White Scar After Laser Hair Removal

I had a Laser hair removal and it left me with white circular scars (the shape of the laser head) all over my leg. They look like fish scales. The laser burnt my leg and left blisters and scabs that soon went away. I am Hispanic, with medium brown skin. I have gotten these white scars before but they were not very obvious and disappeared within a week. However, these new ones are just not going away. What are my best options for creams or treatments? And approximately, how long does it take for these white scars take to heal? Appreciate it.

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White patches after laser hair removal

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You should minimize sun exposure and avoid any further laser treatments at this time. The white patches are because of complete removal of the brown pigment from your skin.

It can take a very long time for the patches to go away, up to 18months. During this time you don't have to use any creams etc but only STRICT sun protection to allow the healing process to bring back the pigment. If it has been more than 2 years then you should see a dermatologist to discuss options for repigmentation.


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