What is the Best laser hair removal treatment?

I am a 47 year old woman of Indian origin. Which laser hair removal treatment is best for me? I am fair with black hair. Almost like middle eastern fair . lyra or yag or ???

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Best LASER for Indian Hair

The two best lasers for removing Indian hair are Diode and Nd:YAG.  Keys to a great laser hair result are enough power (fluence) to effectively remove hair, enough cooling (prevent burns and make treatments with higher fluences comfortable), and a properly trained provider (must pay attention to signs of effective laser hair removal while keeping it safe).

Overall, my office's experience has been that the a newer generation diode laser is the most efficient laser for Indian skin and is safe with my office's providers.  The Nd:YAG tends to be a bit more painful and requires more sessions (does not target hair as selectively) is a good option as well for some.

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