My Laser Hair Removal Treatment Left Red Symmetrical Dots, Looks Like Measles, Is This Normal?

The dots are all the same size, in even distance to one another (looks like the edges of the laser perimeters burned me perhaps), looks kind of like measles/chicken pox. They are not centered around a follicle in particular, just spaced out in even lines. Pic attached. Is this normal???

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Laser hair removal

there are many different lasers that accomplish hair removal, I'm not sure which you had but the red areas are not in every area of treated hair. It may be unique for the particular laser you had as they are very geometrically arranged.

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Red dots on your leg after laser hair removal may be normal, and should fade.

One of the endpoints of Laser Hair Removal is "peri-follicular erythema". This is redness around the hair follicles and this typically indicates that you will get a favorable response. This is typically visible within minutes or hours after your procedure and this should fade a day or 2 after your procedure. If this persists, please visit your physician for evaluation and management.

I hope this is helpful for you.

Regards from NJ.

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