Can I Do a Laser Hair Removal During the Vacation?

I want to go to lebanon during the vacation to do a laser hair removal. But I will stay there for only 2 months. So can I do a laser hair removal there with only 2 monthes ?

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Laser Hair Removal Away From Home

The keys to success in laser hair removal is timing, the technology used and a few other details your medical esthetician or nurse will give you before you start your sessions. For facial hair, the interval between sessions is 4 to 6 weeks. For the body, laser hair removal should be done every 6 to 8 weeks. This is ruled by the cycle of hair growth. We know that at any point in time, there are 10 to 20% of your hairs that are in the ideal growth phase and may respond permanently to the laser. Every laser works a little differently, sothe number of treatments needed may vary. During your 2 months stay in Lebanon, you may be able to only do 2 or 3 treatments. Since at least 4 to 6 treatments are needed for best results, make sure you plan for subsequent treatment on your return home so your timing is not thrwn off. Good luck!

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Laser hair treatment and intervals vary

It depends on the area that you are going to treat - be it the face or the body.  Each area the hair grows at different intervals so go ahead on vacation.  You can start before you leave and for instance the legs take 8 to 10 week intervals so you are all set!

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Laser Hair Removal in a short period of time

Laser Hair removal typically takes between 5-6 treatments to completely destroy the hair follicles. It really depends on how much hair you have and how dense your hair is. Coarse hair is sometimes easier to remove because the Laser can target a larger follicle more easily. Ideally you would space your treatments out at least every 2 weeks to once a month. You maybe able to get minimal hair removal in Lebanon if you do can get in for 3 treatments.



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