Best Laser Hair Removal Technology for Razor Bumps on Male Front Neck Region?

Advice appreciated. After reading this 500 comment thread, it seems like LHR is ideal for body hair but very problematic for treating the male neck/beard area. My skin type is 4 and I always get bad razor burns after shaving, regardless of technique/products. I'm 23 and wondering if I should wait, although the bumps are getting intolerably worse. What's the best LHR tech/machine for this region/or any bttr alternatives?

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Laser hair removal for the face and neck of men

Men must carefully consider laser hair removal of the face, as removing all traces of a shadow may be feminizing to the faces of some men.   Laser hair removal of the neck can help significantly with men who experience razor burn and / or ingrown hair.
The correct laser is imperative. It is important to find a physician owned and operated laser center with multiple lasers. Peer reviewed medical studies show that the Alexandrite laser is safest and most effective for light to medium toned skin and a long pulsed nd yag is most effective for dark skin types. 
Laser treatments should not be packaged in a series as people respond differently. Look for a medical office that provides complimentary consultations and a complimentary spot size. Do not proceed with a treatment if you feel pressure. 

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Treating neck area with laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is very effective and safe, but you need to pick the right patient and use the right laser. Make sure to speak with your dermatologist to make sure they have the right technology for darker skin types like yours. An Nd:YAG laser or diode laser (e.g. LightSheer Duet) would be particularly safe and effective for a darker skin type.

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
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Best laser hair removal for neck in men

We reviewed all the available options for hair removal and believe that the best overall choice is diode utilizing Lumenis LightSheer Duet.  It works on all skin types, has the highest efficacy compared to all other treatment modalities and most importantly hurts the LEAST!

Alexandrite and Yag are both effectively but are extremely painful.

IPL is extremely painful, can't be used on all skin types and only partially effective.  Stay away from this.

Joseph Campanelli, MD
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Genltemax and genleYAG

The main concern is the hyper pigmentation and skin burn with most hair removal system. GenleYAG can be be used for all skin types.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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