Laser Hair Removal for Tan Skin in NYC?

Hello, I have been looking for a reputable place for laser hair removal for some time now. I have tan skin and would like to go somewhere where they have experience with darker skin tones so I wont end up with hypo/hyper pigmentation. I am looking for someone in NYC. I would prefer a doctors office or some place wheere they have a lot of experience and wont burn my skin. I already have hyperpigmentation from the sun/various acne medicines and I am trying to avoid that when it comes to this.

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Tan skin always has a risk of marks leftover from laser hair removal.

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Even if you go to a very reputable physician with experience in laser hair removal, there is always a risk of dark or light marks left on the skin after treatment. To minimize this risk, it is important to do realistic laser test spots before a full treatment, and to wait at least a week or two after the tests, to see how the skin reacts. In addition, staying away from the sun for a month prior to and several weeks after treatment will help reduce the risk.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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You should wait for your tan to fade before getting Laser Hair Removal.

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In my practice, we use a Palomar StarLux IPL for permanent hair removal. Even though the device is approved for dark skin-types, I will not perform hair removal on dark or tanned skin. You'll be at higher risk for burn, or change in skin color. And in the best scenario, you'll require more than the usual 6 treatments to achieve 75-90% permanent hair reduction.

All the best from NJ.

Eric M. Joseph, MD
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Laser hair removal for dark skin

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Tanned skin should not be treated for laser hair removal, but skin of color can be treated with a longer wavelength laser. Dr Roy Geronemus, Dr. Arielle Kauvar and Dr. Melanie Grossman and others, in NYC, have such lasers.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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