Are At-home Laser Hair Removal Systems Safe to Use on the Buttocks Area?

I am a white british female with medium coloured skin and dark brown hair, unfortunetly i have some fine dark hairs on my buttocks, i am extremely embarressed and this is effecting my life, i currently use a hair removal cream on the area, which i think may have made it worse as i may have removed fine hairs with the cream and they have grown back slighty darker and more noticable. I am so desperate i would consider going to a salon if it is a more effective method than a home laser removal machine.

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Do at home laser hair removal systems work?

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Do at home laser hair removal systems work? In a word : NO

We know that because we tried. My Raleigh NC laser hair removal enter performs thousands of laser hair removal treatments each month. They are not "packages" but single treatments, and people wouldn't come back if they weren't satisfied. We know that lasers require so much energy that  we require special air conditioning systems in each laser room. Laser technicians and patients must wear protective eyewear to protect their eyes from the powerful laser energy emitted from the lasers, and a DCD (Dynamic Cooling device) is in place to cool the skin immediately prior to the laser energy contacting the skin for both comfort and skin safety.  Knowing this, and all we know about laser physics, we thought we could only honestly discus the efficacy of at home laser systems if  we tried them first hand. We did. They didn't work.

Someday, perhaps not so far in the future, something other than a laser, probably a topical medication, will come along that will be very effective for laser hair removal. If we find something both safe and effective, we will share that with our clients and with the public. At this moment, laser hair removal remains the most effective, safest, most comfortable and most lasting way to remove unwanted hair from any area of the face or body

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At home laser systems for hair removal

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the at home systems can work well for your skin type, but there always is a risk of hyperpigmentation. Furthermore, the systems at home have slightly lower energies and can, rarely, induce a paradoxical stimulation of hair growth, yes, that's right! In fact, that's how the at home laser hair stimulators evolved for scalp hair loss.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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