Laser Hair Removal Skin Redness Persistence? (photo)

Hello I have a question about the redness of my face. I had Laser done on my upper lip on April 11th and it is still red. I don't see it letting up any time soon so Im wondering how long this will last and if this is natural or not. I also happen to have these discolored red/brownish spots as well and I don't know if those will go away or if they're permanent skin color change.

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Redness after laser hair removal

That appears to be inflammed hair follicles, which can happen after treatment, but should be lessening. I would suggest you make sure your treating office knows about this because turning up the laser could result in pretty serious burns for you if you have this aggravated a response after one treatment. I would recommend you put cool water on the site and hydrocortisone (available at any pharmacy for a few dollars), several times a day. It will help. Additionally, just checking, you've never had herpes? Because this also slightly resembles an outbreak along with inflammed follicles. If so, you need to take an oral medication prior to laser hair removal, especially when it's done on the face.

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Laser Hair Removal Skin Redness Persistence? (photo)

I see the residual redness and also inflamed hair follicles .

Keep the skin well hydrated and protected with high SPF sunscreen.

It too to early to judge the final outcome.

If the darker pigmentation is present 6 weeks after the treatment, you should be evaluated and decision should be made about further treatment.

Consider changing the device used or adjusting the settings if other treatments are planned.

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