Laser Hair Removal Side Burns for Brown Skin?

I am asian indian with brown skin. I have got YAG laser on my upper lip (6 sessions) and side burns (3-4 sessions) a couple of years back. I get upper lip touch up once in a year. but my side burns havent seem to gone down. Recently a technician said that i have dark venllus hair on my side burns which wont go with laser. Can you please advice 1- is it true laser wont help my side burns? its the same for my chin hair hasnt gone either. 2- how often do i need upper lip touch up?

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Laser Hair Removal For Side Burns?

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Without seeing you, it is difficult to answer your question accurately.  However, generally speaking, even fine hair that is dark can be removed successfully, though it may take a few more treatments.  We normally recommend no less than 6 treatments on any given area so 3-4 may not have been enough. You may just want to try again on the side burn area, and have a full round of treatments, although it may not need that many.  As far as maintenance for treated areas, we recommend 1-2 times per year or as needed.  “Dr. D”

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