Sciton BBL Vs Sciton YAG 1064 for Hair Removal?

I have white skin and dark hair, and also a lot of ingrown hair and razor bumps (folliculitis). Which between Sciton BBL or Sciton YAG 1064 would be best for laser hair removal?

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Best laser hair removal laser for you

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The best laser for your white skin and dark hair would by either a 755nm alexandrite laser like the GentleLase or the 810nm diode laser like the Lightsheer diode. Both of the lasers you mentioned would work, but you are asking for the "best". The two lasers I mentioned have been around for a long time and have the most published data.

A 1064nm laser can be very effective for coarser dark hair (like the kind you describe in your question that can cause razor bumps and ingrowns), but loses some efficacy for lighter and finer hairs (while the 755nm and 810nm can get some of these).

IPL and BBL, including the Sciton BBL are a little more tricky to use and have less room for error than the 1064nm. If you are at all tan before one your treatments, a BBL may burn or have to be turned down to a lower (less effective) energy, while the 1064 will not.

So the answer depends on your goals. If you are trying to thin out your coarse dark hair so that you get less razor bumps, than either of the lasers you mentioned will probably do the trick. However, if you are worried at all about finer hair, then use one of the other lasers I mentioned.

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