Is Laser Hair Removal safe on men's facial hair?

I was interested in having laser hair removal on my facial hair as I have really coarse dark hair and pale skin, it irritates my skin a lot when I shave and get ingrowing hairs, if I have a shave you can see it coming through a few hours after. the laser hair removal specialist who uses Alexandrite 5500 said it would be best for a reduction instead of removal so will set the laser on a lower setting. I have also had a patch test done already. I was just wondering is laser hair removal 100% safe?

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Laser hair removal safety

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Your dark hair and light skin are the best combination for laser hair removal.
Your condition (ingrowing hairs, medical term folliculitis barbi) is very troubling.
It is best to start at a low setting, for safety.
Complications including blistering, burning and scarring from settings too strong for the skin. 
Hair returns eventually. Results can last several years.

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